In Overcoming the Darkness your party (John and Katie) find themselves in a hostile world full of evil spirits of various kinds. These evil spirits can attack and try to kill your party members. They also have might have various effects on them like stealing gold, putting the party is a state of fear, ignorance or depression.

To succeed at this game you need to explore the world and fulfil various quests. Key to achieving these goals is the learning of Holy Scriptures, which, when spoken, give power to resist and defeat evil spirits.

This Game Combines Elements of:

  • Community Building / Simulation
  • Evasion
  • Learning¬†
  • Combat
  • Strategy

As well as having lots of fun, you will understand how the Bible applies to many problems you face in life.

We are looking for more testers so that we can justify investing more time and money in this project.


Learning Scriptures

Different Scriptures help in different ways and some are more effective in overcoming some demons than others.

For example, learning verses about LOVE gives power over spirits of STRIFE. Learning verses about FAITH gives power and skills especially effective against spirits of FEAR. There are many different categories.

There are different place where you can learn the Scriptures to advance in your knowledge and game abilities. These opportunities may not always be available so to win the game use them strategically when you can.

Strategy and Tactics

Sometimes you might have to run away from certain evil spirits in order to avoid being wiped out. You may need to grow or obtain the relevant abilities although you will normally have some power to affect them through the “Resist Evil” skill or other skills you may have acquired.

Even if you successfully run away, you can gain strength and fight another day … You move around using the arrow keys if using a keyboard or by clicking on the joystick controls to move around on a phone.

You can engage with something by clicking on it or hitting enter. As you move from map to map you will encounter different challenges and different rewards.

Sometimes the rewards will enable you to purchase valuable items which have value in combat or for other objectives. You will also gain benefits by using your game gold to sponsor worthwhile objectives.


More on Learning Verses

Sometimes you will have the opportunity to improve your character through correct selection of multiple choice options. Other times you must TYPE THE FIRST LETTER OF THE WORDS OF THE VERSE that follow the prompt.

For example, if the verse starts with “For by grace you have been saved through faith, …” then if you were being tested on the first 5 words of that verse, you would put enter: “fbgyh” or longer. If you selected the option at the beginning to learn the whole verse you will be given more time, but it is a greater memory challenge. You can still pass if you are “almost right” especially if the letters you type at the beginning are all correct ones.

I trust you enjoy playing this game and overcoming darkness. It is the author’s conviction that learning these Bible verses will also help you in REAL LIFE against the very real spiritual challenges we all must deal with on our spiritual journey, many of which come from Satan’s dark side.

Whether you believe that or not right now I am sure you can enjoy this game and get a lot of spiritual benefit from advancing in its levels.

I look forward to receiving any feedback from you.

If something isn’t clear, or if you find bugs, feel free to write me.

May the LORD JESUS CHRIST bless you.

Michael Fackerell