Welcome to a fantasy world of spiritual combat – where you overcome the lies and the darkness with the Ultimate Source of Truth in the Universe.

As your party explores this world, you will face challenges of building communities, fighting demonic powers which say things eerily similar to many of the spiritual voices of today.

Your weapon is the Word of God, which you must learn and memorize in order to gain powers, complete missions and gain victory.

The only way to overcome these enemies is to learn and memorize Bible verses or parts of Bible verses in game.

You can read how the game works here – rules and gameplay.


I’m looking for Alpha Testers and people who would like to contribute ideas to the project.

This game can run on tablets, phones but for now runs best on a PC. On PC you can also invoke the Speech Recognition options.

You can play it here: http://spiritualwar.games/otd/mv/www/index.html.

For now I’ve disabled the 3D features of gameplay to make it run better on mobile. They are easy for me to enable but it makes it run more slowly.

Only if needed, you can register to play on at https://1min.live/ a social network under development where it is hoped that Bible loving people and those interested in learning more will be able to gather.

I’m looking for feedback. Feel free to share this link.

Michael Fackerell
michaelfackerell AT gmail.com